Baby Shower Ideas

Ever wondered why to celebrate a baby shower? Well! most of the 21st century women answer it as a mark of celebration to share the joy of motherhood with the people close to heart. Quite true to some extent, the actual intend is something different. Earlier, it was a complete women’s affair and the baby shower invitation was confined to ladies.

In the previous eras, those ceremonies were invariably hosted by the mother or the relatives close to heart of the mother-to-be unlike the self hosted parties we see today. It is generally to be hosted in the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy and is mostly confined to the birth of the first child only.

Baby Shower is an important ceremony that prevailed with different names in various cultures from times immemorial. It is organized to prepare the mother-to-be embrace the responsibility of child care in a proper way.

Many gifts related to the child care like clothes, baby care utilities are to be presented along with some tips.

To host a party being a pregnant is a bit difficult thing and here are some tips to do it successfully:

Planning and arrangements:
Start and plan early. It’s better to start planning as early as the mid of second trimester. If it is financially viable, opt for a service from an event organizer specialized in this. If you can’t spend that much, at least seek the help of your mother, relatives or else friends whom you think will volunteer.

Usually, the decoration is done with blue as a theme color for a boy and pink incase of a girl. If the gender is not known, you may go for green theme color with an idea of ‘go green’.

The most important part of the preparation is a baby shower invitation. Visit a card store and get a customized one that is apt to the situation. Also you can do it yourself at an online store. If you plan to serve a feast instead of a normal cupcake party, better get the menu printed.

No offense in mentioning the start and end time of the party to ensure that it lasts short enough for the comfort of the mother-to-be.

Venue and timing:
The best thing to do is to host it at home. Incase you think that you can’t accommodate visitors at home, it is better to find a venue that suits the purpose. The most preferred timing is the evening and preferably in the weekends so as to ensure good number of visitors.

Guest book:
If you expect large number of guest, plan for a nice looking guest book. That serves as a cute memory. All those who can’t have a chance to address the gathering can have their personal word with you that way.

To make the party more lively, it is nice to plan games. Simple games like BABY BINGO is a nice idea as they suit the occasion. See that the games last short so as not to bore the visitors.

Make a list of things to be printed on the baby shower invitation such as the supper menu, URL of wish list on an online baby store etc., Happy partying!


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