Top Notch Baby Shower Invitations

Babies are the cutest, aren’t they? You celebrate their coming with so much joy and their birth, even more so. Baby showers are misconceived as actual bathing sessions for infants in a form of ritual or tradition! This is so not the case. It’s a get-together, like a party, where friends and well-wishers come along and bring gifts for your baby to show that they care and are there to support you in whatever way they can.

It’s only logical that you send out baby shower invitations that fit the beauty, happiness and love of the occasion. Check out these design baby shower invitation ideas and use your imagination for your own ideas so you’ll have something original to send concerning baby shower invitations.

  1. Though your little bundle of joy hasn’t yet graced the world with his/her presence you can still use the baby footprint motif on your invites. That cute little foot, with tiny toes is sure to bring a tear to close friends and family invited using such a sweet token of recognition of their future importance in your baby’s life.
  2. Use all the right colors. This is imperative in communicating happiness and good thoughts to the invitees so they send out positivity your way. As weird or unconventional as this may sound it’s quite factual. Haven’t you ever felt someone’s concern or anger without even seeing them? Same thing… Energy is in the colors so keep them mild, beautiful, soft and tender, just like your cute baby s gonna be.
  3. Black and white motifs are hugely popular. They impart a regal air to invites. Putting pregnant photos of yourself with your hubby is ideal in showing the love the two of you had in conceiving your baby, one of Nature’s most desirable gifts to anyone.
  4. Animation designs are cool. If you’ve decided to be in the know about your baby’s sex, then this is when you can play with the hundreds of animation designs you have available out there. Disney is the preferred choice, and for good reason. The sheer number of characters you get help make your baby’s presence felt in ways only such animation can achieve. Mickey and gang, the Princesses and even other animation flicks you may feel you like to use are a-okay.
  5. There’s the fashion motif to consider. This is where you have hand-drawn pictures of a pregnant female body wearing chic pregnancy gowns and such like, colored with bold browns and soft pinks or gold and green and so on. Even you can feature in them.
  6. Then there are the simple ethnic invites that are more often than not hand-made and have such an impact on your invitees.
  7. You can include symbols and other mildly abstract art in your invites, something that says love and care and doesn’t go too deep into the artistic side without achieving this earlier effect.
  8. Try your hand at pressed flowers and leaves. They add beauty and natural simplicity to invites.
  9. Get your paintbrush out and see if you can’t whip up something creative for your little tot.
  10. Get out your camera and train that snap-finger! Take photos of your hubby and you. Don’t feel shy to include that baby bump. Nothing screams love more than such pregnancy photos, especially to friends and family.

Try these and other ideas. Your imagination has millions left to realize. Babies are a blessing and you have every right to feel proud and free on days like these. Baby showers bring out the best in everyone attending and your invitations could end up eliciting an ‘Aww!’ from them all.


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